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In both my professional and personal endeavors, I endeavor to integrate these perspectives and experiences, leveraging them to produce designs that are both engaging and groundbreaking. I believe that by drawing upon my fascination with the intricacies of design, as well as my appreciation for the nuanced interplay between language and communication, I can create projects that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also thought-provoking and impactful.


Throughout my years of study, photography has played an integral role in helping me to better understand and analyze my environment. By capturing and examining details, investigating the layers of materiality, observing the impact of time, and testing my physical responses to objects, photography has been a valuable method of introspection, enabling me to improve in many disciplines and develop a heightened sense of observation. I have found that a sensitivity to light, exposure, details, and different points of view is essential in conceiving good architecture.



In addition to photography, literature has also contributed significantly to my vision of architecture. It has allowed me to develop my imagination and analytical skills, while also making the narrative present in many architectural projects more perceptible.


Literature has also taught me to carefully wield language, enabling me to more easily develop and effectively present my ideas. This ability to communicate with precision has proven to be a valuable asset in promoting and advancing my work.


Additionally, I am attuned to the power of words and strive to use them with balance and precision.



I have always been captivated by design, much like architecture, as the transfer of an idea from the mind to the paper through the use of a pencil, and its eventual realization, have consistently impressed me and engendered a sense of personal fulfillment. Accordingly, I am greatly intrigued by all forms of design, and have cultivated a heightened sensitivity to discovering new brands that enable me to develop environmentally conscious projects utilizing beautiful materials.

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