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Seoul, KOREA



As an architect and interior designer for STUDIOS Architecture. I participated in the the renovation project of the current active base of Hyundai Motor Company's headquarters in Seoul.


In July 2022, I was honored to become a member of the esteemed Hyundai project team, joining the team upon the culmination of the initial phase of the Schematic Design (SD) process.


I contributed to the development of the design concepts for this extraordinary renovation project.


Through careful coordination, we divided the work according to specific "spaces," with each member of the French team collaborating daily with their Korean counterparts to ensure cohesive design implementation. Our client boasted an in-house team of skilled architects with whom we worked in close partnership to achieve seamless coordination. This dynamic collaboration fostered a unique opportunity for me to hone my communication skills and to deepen my cultural competencies.


As we gradually transitioned to the Design Development (DD) phase of the project, we adopted a more granular approach, focusing on the precise design of each space, adjustment of plans, and the collaborative exploration of feasibility with the local architect.


The SD phase presented me with a rich and rewarding challenge, as we carefully selected finishes, textures, colors, and furniture, all of which were aligned with the brand's image of luxury and the varied, unique spaces in question (swimming pool, gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms, lounge, among others).

Overall, the Hyundai project served as a defining moment in my career, fueling my passion for interior design and elevating my standards for delivering impeccable results for discerning clients.


The unique organization of this project team provided me with valuable insights into effective management techniques and project organization, which will undoubtedly prove essential to my ability to work with rigor in the future.


Softwares : Revit / Enscape / Indesign  / Excel / Photoshop

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