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Paris, France

Charonne's halls


The project aimed to renovate an old, Parisian power transformer building that was formerly state-owned, as part of the "Reinvent Paris" architectural competition launched in 2017 by the Parisian City Council. The primary objective was to transform the building into a social focal point for an underserved neighborhood, where social space and activity were limited. This was achieved by making the program a local milestone project, a creative space grounded in the principles of recycling and artisanal craftsmanship, with workshops and a market, along with a residential area in the upper part of the building. The goal was to share creativity and foster cross-fertilization in a compact building, with the central nave serving as the centerpiece of the project.


The project also aimed to create a link between the old and the new, by reusing many original features to connect them to contemporary design. The building had a cathedral-like quality that needed to be preserved, and it was approached as a palimpsest, with layers of history and design informing one another.


The residential area benefits from natural ventilation via existing chimneys, and each dwelling has been designed to break away from traditional communal living arrangements, emphasizing individual living spaces. Overall, the project was conceived with a deep respect for the building's history and a commitment to innovative, sustainable design.


Softwares : Autocad / Revit / Twinmotion / Photoshop

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