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Ris orangis, Paris suburbs

The seine's House 


The city of Ris-Orangis launched a call for projects to reimagine the Seine House aquatics center located on the banks of the Seine. After extensive discussions within the agency and experiments with 3D prototypes and drawings, a concept was agreed upon. Subsequently, the engineering team was consulted to determine feasibility and approaches best adapted to meet ecological, energy, and structural standards, including acoustics, framework, and water management.


The Seine House is located in a flood zone, and to accommodate this, the first floor is supported by columns, which are also used to store boats. The architectural design of the project allows flexibility for the currently programmed uses, as well as other potential future uses, with a free plan and structural organization enabling mobility for the walls.


The regular structural framework of the building is visible at the main plateau, presenting free volumes under the main roof for public reception areas, such as the weight room, common foyer, and multipurpose room, that can be arranged according to various uses, and separated by "buffer" spaces. Although currently used as offices, storerooms, and kitchens, these "buffer" zones can be annexed and repurposed to meet different needs.


Finally, the project is designed as a sheltered floating platform, capable of accommodating multiple uses from various intersections, distributed by a rationalized circulation.



Softwares : Autocad / Sketchup / Twinmotion / Photoshop

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