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Calcatoggio, Corsica island

Aghja i frassi


The clients desired an addition to their property in the form of a pool area that offered a breathtaking view over the entire Gulf of Sagone in Corsica. The challenge was to unify the landscape and preserve the view while maintaining the existing curve of the property and the low wall.


The solution was to extend the existing dividing wall to create a separation between the pool area and the rest of the garden, preserving the unobstructed view from the pool without a rectangular shape that would detract from the natural beauty of the environment. The pool became an integral part of the landscape, adding to the overall harmony of the property.


In addition, the clients requested a sheltered outdoor kitchen area and an entrance to the house that did not exist. The land was carefully measured, and proposals were made to the clients, who validated the concept. The project was designed in September 2020 and is now complete.


The build utilized quality materials, including regional stone that created a symbiosis with the surrounding environment. The hundred-year-old olive tree on the site was uprooted and moved closer to the house, with the design of the garden focused on creating harmony within an exceptional environment without distorting it. The project serves as an observation point and preserves the emblematic island tradition of an old farm, adding to the unique character of the area.



Softwares : Autocad / Sketchup / Twinmotion

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