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Ajaccio, Corsica island



During my last semester, I had the opportunity to undertake an urban analysis and the implementation of devices for my final project, focused on the restoration of the historical citadel of Ajaccio, which dates back to the 13th century. The citadel of Ajaccio is an ex-military complex that was previously inaccessible, but was recently taken over by the city council, which subsequently launched a call for projects.

After conducting a thorough analysis, I identified several challenges related to this complex, such as its connection with the city, as well as its central location within the city. Moreover, the lack of cultural and higher educational establishments motivated me to transform it into a center accessible to all, offering a shop window for the craft industry, an insular art wing from the University of Corsica, a museum about the city, an auditorium, artists' accommodation, and a fablab.


The first proposed stage of this urban project involves the cleaning of the enclosure, the demolition of damaged buildings, the restoration of historic buildings, and the construction of contemporary extensions, in order to democratize the spaces and create a path.


The project also includes the creation of a wooden walkway that surrounds the entire citadel, providing leveled access from turret to turret, thereby recreating the original Guard path. Vertical access towers on the periphery of the walls ensure the continuity of the city's promenades and the creation of a center of interest towards the sea on the Saint Marc's bastion. Finally, the moat has been closed to the public, creating a protected space that will become a sanctuary for flora and nesting fauna. The walkway offers a view of this moat area from above. The aim is to create a vernacular language that is in keeping with the city's Mediterranean climate.

Softwares : Sketchup / Autocad  / Photoshop

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